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Ready to get fierce?

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Rise up and write the story that will change everything.

Writers are compassionate creators, bridge builders, paradigm disrupters, heart openers, empathy warriors, magic makers and sacred listeners.


Writers embody the secret weapons of empathy and humility, which, when combined with discipline, patience, and persistence, alchemize words into magic carpets.


When we respect and learn the craft of writing, we unleash its art.


Our talents transform into the tools we need to love and live deeply.


Writers ignite changes that help alleviate suffering on a personal and global level.


Writers do not isolate in ivory towers, throw words as stones or hold stories hostage to victimize and brutalize others.


We are relevant and necessary.


Know This: The Stories need their Writers, and Writers need their Stories. Together, we can love the world alive.


You know your writing is so much more than marks on a page. It’s not your hobby. It’s not what you’re supposed to do after everything else gets done. Your writing is the way you move the world.


I’m Laraine Herring, and I imagined Fierce Monkey Tribe for you.


I embolden Writers and seekers who are ready to meet the inevitable challenges of the writing life.


I mobilize Writers and seekers who are willing to delve into the mysteries of the writing process and make the changes necessary to create the Stories that matter to them.


I energize generous Writers who are poised to crack open their potential and ignite the Story that only they can embody.


You know you’re ready to step up and take your writing and your life to the next level. It’s time to show the world that your Story matters.


Are you ready to get fierce?


Your writing is waiting for you. Rise up and say hello.


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The Monkey-festo

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“To expose oneself on the page can be terrifying. I felt not only safe, but positively emboldened working with Laraine. Patient and kind, she kindles the best in one's work. Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she dares you to just set the whole thing ablaze and let the soul of it sing." – Dino Palazzi


“Through Laraine’s authentic nature and ability to listen, I learned that writing is as much an act of bravery and strength as it is about being gentle and flexible. I can't wait to be one of her students again!” – Naomi Kaplan


“Without a doubt, Laraine is the most generous, inspirational and challenging writing instructor I have ever met. Using provocative writing exercises, Laraine guided me through creative discovery, helping reveal ideas and truths I had previously locked away. My writing also improved as we practiced dialogue, pacing, imagery, character development, point of view and other aspects of the writing craft. As an instructor/mentor, Laraine challenged me to delve deeper into my story, even if it meant going into dark hidden corners. She encouraged me to experiment and inspired me to keep writing. I am grateful every day for these genuine gifts.” – Janine Weyers

Ignite your story.

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