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Over 49 days, we will navigate four primary challenges writers face when living the writer's life. We will discuss the obstacles and explore solutions for each one. The lessons contain a lecture, writing prompts and activities, and recommended videos from TED talks. The course also includes two audio meditations and five videos from your guide to enhance your study and practice.


This on-demand course provides you with concrete tools and techniques for navigating the fertile and fallow times in a writer's life. You’ll have access to the course when you register, and you can complete your work at your own pace. This class does not include 1:1 contact with Laraine Herring, though you may correspond via e-mail.



Challenge Module 1: Setting and Time


This module addresses time management, boundary setting (internal and external) and cultivating space to write.


Challenge Module 2: Point of View and Perspective


This module addresses the internal obstacles to focusing on and maintaining a writing practice.


Challenge Module 3: Dilemmas and Dialogue


This module gives you tools for identifying conflicting belief systems within yourself and your fiction as well as suggestions for entering into deep dialogue with your own writing practice and projects.


Challenge Module 4: Characters, Craft and Commitment


This module addresses the importance of community on and off the page, the respect for and study of the craft of writing, and the necessary tools for creating a sustainable commitment to your work.





“Laraine gently and fiercely helped me find my own way of telling my stories. She opened doors I hadn’t even known were closed.” – Rick Lindroos

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