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A weekend to learn in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. This deep-diving retreat honors both the yang energy of Summer Solstice and the yin of deep creation.


- reconnect with the power of writing in your life

- stand up (even if it’s just for you) for what matters

- explore the heart of your writing relationship

- unpack fears and blocks that are getting in your way

- create a sustainable writing life

- spark your story alive

- ignite a body-based connection to your writing


The workshop is for all levels, all genres. This is not a critique group.


“It was an inspiration to work with you and I got a great deal of energy and momentum from the workshop.  Your thoughtful and experienced planning had a great impact on the kindness and trust that developed within the group and it was rather remarkable at the end to experience the tenderness and support in the sharing.  Keep doing what you're doing.  It's much needed!” – Allison J.

Ignite Your Story Writing Retreat

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Ignite your story.

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