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for monthly Fierce Monkey Bytes and a free Firestarter Kit.

30-minute strategies to help you digest and manage your writing life.


You’re in the middle of a story and you’re not sure what to do next. You’re ready to start pitching to agents or editors. You’re not needing or wanting months of mentorship or a structured class. You just need a quick re-frame or redirection. Just a spark to ignite the path you’re already on.


I can help you re-align and recommit to what matters.


Need help with a query letter? A synopsis? Career direction? Graduate school advice? A step to get you back on the right path?




Yes! I need a Fierce Monkey Byte! What do I do?



Upon receipt of your questionnaire, I’ll contact you via e-mail to set up a Skype or phone session that’s convenient for us both. (I'm located in Arizona, Mountain Standard Time)



If it appears that we're not a good match based on your questionnaire, your $60 will be refunded.

Monkey Byte Strategy Session

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Ignite your story.

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