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"Laraine opened doors inside my mind and created space for me to come into relationship with my writing in a refreshing way that was all my own. She pointed the way, offered authentic writing experiences, shared, invited discussion — and yes, we danced! I had more than one breakthrough in her workshop, including the discovery that I do like writing from prompts. Laraine’s workshop was a great way to start a new year. With ease and honesty, she created an authentic, interesting, and inviting space for us to come together as writers. I immediately knew I was in good hands. She spoke of creating conditions for the writing habit, taught practices to encourage and deepen our writing, and welcomed discussion. It was deep and fun and real. I left with a sparkling calm confidence and excitement about the year ahead. Seven months later and the writing life is going well.” – Grace Welker


“Laraine was my first writing mentor. She teaches with a mental toughness along with compassion. Because of her strong convictions on a daily writing schedule, I have a daily “writing habit”. She told me: The truth wants to come out; let it come, write it down. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, just write! She is my inspiration! Loved you then; love you now, always will!” – Shirley Hendrickson


“Laraine Herring encourages students to dig deep. She provides original, interesting exercises designed to pull past the first obvious idea and find the more compelling material underneath. Laraine is as invested in students' work as the students themselves.” – Janet Burruel


“Coming from the writing-intensive academic world, I believed that the switch to fiction would be effortless. I could not have been more wrong. Laraine Herring taught me that creative writing, in all of its dimensions, is a true craft, possessing its own structures and expectations, some of which require a lifetime of practice to possibly master. Furthermore, she knows and shares (although some of us spend too much time resisting) that the writer must be open to inner transformation, no matter how painful. Yet Laraine has also taught me that despite the professional and emotional effort involved, writing is fun, and all of us have a precious voice worth hearing. So, now, years after my first class with her, she is still my sensei, and I remain her grateful student." – Mark C. Frederick



“If you want your writing potential to be tapped, go with Laraine! She helps you to be more creative, observant and imaginative. In my first class with her, I had the assertion that "writing is to write about what you know about." When she found out about my stand, she asked me to work on a piece of writing on Texas—a place I had never been to, and I was not to do any research on the topic. At first, I found the project impossible to finish, but then I was able to come up with the assignment, with my imagination. Laraine works closely with her students and cultivates their writing. She helps discover and explore. She asks questions to help you probe, not to criticize or to judge.” – Jian Qin



"I took my first class with Laraine Herring ten years ago. I still remember walking out of the second or third class, and feeling like something had opened inside of me for the first time as a writer. I'd already been writing for more than 15 years, and yet, through the writing prompts and exercises Laraine developed, I was able to tap into a deeper understanding not only of the workings of plot and character, but my own abilities as a writer and a creator. Laraine challenged me as a writer, made me look at my work differently, encouraged me to push my own boundaries, and to leave what was comfortable for what was true. To this day, I know that I would not be the writer I am now, both a freelance writer, solo performer, and fiction writer, without the impact she had on me and my work. She taught me to think about story in an entirely new way, convinced me to cast off notions of writing to an outline, and empowered me to let my store evolve naturally and organically-- to be on the adventure with my characters, as surprised at times as they might be about what happened next." – Nikki deLeon


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