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Truth moment: It’s hard to price things. It’s hard to put some dollar amount on an experience that hasn’t yet happened for you. But money is the way we exchange energy in the business world, and I’ve had to find a way to not only be OK with pricing myself, but also be OK telling you what those prices are. Because even I know that if I don’t tell you what I’ve got to share, you can’t buy it, no matter how I priced it.


Here’s my Fierce Monkey Pricing Promise:


I won’t trick you, manipulate you, tease you or otherwise entrap you into BUYING NOW because of some future change in availability. I will tell you, straight up, what the price is, when you can register for a program, and when the program period ends. I won’t play the time-is-running-out game.


I won’t make you feel like you’re not enough. I know you have everything you need within you. You’re not lacking, lazy, stupid, unprepared, or unworthy. I won’t tell you that you are, and I won’t encourage you to buy from me based off of marketing words designed to make you feel inadequate. I use my words to connect, not criticize.


I won’t chase after you with a thousand follow-up e-mails if you don’t buy. If you opted-in to the mailing list, I’ll keep you updated. But I won’t harass you. I won’t tell you you’ve missed out on the ONLY CHANCE OF A LIFETIME and that you’ll surely regret your decision not to buy right now. I trust that you know how to make good decisions for yourself.


I bring all of me to my work. Twenty-five years of teaching experience. Seven published books. Thousands of students hold me up. Eight years of higher education as well as lots of informal education help me stay current and excited about what I do. I am a working writer—meaning I am both working as a writer and working another full-time job. I get the balancing act most of us go through. I have learned a great deal about how to manage a writing life, and every single day I learn something new about its craft. Writing and teaching are my life and livelihood. I have paid attention to them both, nurtured them, and assimilated them so I can share what I’ve learned in as many ways—and with the greatest number of people—possible.


I value your time, and I value mine. My pricing honors us both.


Pricing Philosophy

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