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Fierce Monkey Tribe’s Signature Program: a 12-week on-line program for novelists, story-makers, and conjurers.


This program runs once a year. Online lessons are sent each week, and there are 4 live integration calls, as well as opportunities for a select few to receive personal feedback.


I built this course because I’ve been teaching twenty-five years, and the biggest issue I see for writers is a misunderstanding of what writing a novel truly entails. The myth of the tortured genius looms large in many would-be writers’ imaginations. The myth that writing happens in one fell swoop on a cloud of inspiration and intuition stops many potential writers cold. The opposite—that a story is a formula or something that can be assembled according to a set of prescribed instructions—also halts a writer’s progress.

A story is both a splash of magic and a dash of craft. It is inspiration and conscious construction. The spark of story needs the container and structure of craft to hold it up. The house of craft needs the breath of magic to ignite its potential. I wanted to create a program that honored both essential parts of story—a place that is unique to each writer and sacred to the world.


Next Program Dates: Summer 2015.


The Practical Magic of Story is for you if you’re a novelist, memoirist or short story writer who strives to create meaningful work that questions and wonders, challenges and inspires. This is for you if you long to bring forth the stories within you, but find yourself running into roadblocks—internal and/or external that throw you into a tailspin and pull you off course.


Are you ready to take your fiction to the next level?


Are you looking for some structure and focus to help you kick-start your fiction project?


Are you a bit in awe of the magical intangibles of the writing process?


What You’ll Receive:


- Four live, content rich calls to help keep you motivated and grounded. Yes, the calls will be recorded.

- 12 weeks of course work grounded in 25 years of teaching fiction. You’ll gain insight into the craft of fiction, the heart of story, and the magical-mystery tour that is the writing process itself.

- A community of like-minded passionate writers to help support you on your journey

- Access to a private Facebook group page for participants.

- A deeper and more holistic approach to maintaining your writing life and nurturing your story and craft.


You’re going to love the integrated approach of mystery and craft—the holistic honoring of the whole process of storytelling. You’re going to love the clarity of the weekly lessons, the clear action steps, and the live integration calls, and you’ll be surprised by the ease with which you can merge the practical with the magical.


The course is hosted on ruzuku.com, a simple, elegant on-line platform. You do not need to download any software or have extraordinary computer skills.


Note: The Practical Magic of Story is not a group workshop or critique course.




“Thanks again for a rich experience. I'm still enjoying the benefits.” – Elizabeth

The Practical Magic of Story


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